It is that time once again to prepare our hearts and minds in remembrance of what God so graciously gave us years ago and what Christ faithfully fulfilled for all mankind.

We are apart of a small group at the church we attend here in Portland. Our group is awesome. It is unique in the aspect that all who have chosen to be apart of the small group desire to one day be serving full time as global workers, preaching and living the gospel to the lost and hungry. Two of the ladies from the group had this amazing idea to do a Lent Challenge.

Every week I will discuss what I  or our family learned from the previous week of fasting; then post what the new fast is for that week. I would LOVE for you to join us or simply hear what you are learning through this time. Please remember this is NOT about YOU and what YOU give up but a time to remember what was given to us. This is not a time where we whine and wallow in not having a latte but a time where we ask ourselves why is it hard to go without? During this time of Lent ask your self what is it that God is preparing my heart for? What are the things that I cling to rather than Him? What is preventing myself from dying to self? So excited about going deeper into the preparation for celebration of our Lord Jesus Christ.

(The following is written by D.L. Mayfield at http://dlmayfield.wordpress.com)

Week one: Food
For this week, focus on how much you normally spend on eating: going out to restaurants, getting coffee, and even grocery shopping. Much of the world is living on $2 a day, but we spend much more than that on a single latte. Commit to limiting your food choices and your spending, and at the end of the week you should have cleared our some space in your pantry and freezer, and also be left with a nice sum of money (which we would then encourage you to donate to people in need).

Practical fast:
No eating out/drinking coffee out
Eat from your pantry/freezer
Limit grocery shopping as much as possible. If this means several dinners of beans and rice, then so be it. Enjoy the feeling of solidarity with the majority world!

Prayer focus:
Pray for those with limited access to food and clean drinking water.

( To read the rest of D.L. Mayfield’s Lent Challenge please follow this link. You’ll be able to get a sneak peak at the weeks to come! http://dlmayfield.wordpress.com/2012/02/17/the-great-lent-experiment-or-our-own-mutiny-against-excess/ )


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